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Caravan Found Objects

Moved to Eglinton and Oakwood as of May 10, 2020

Not open to the public yet.

We will announce when we're set up!

Gypsy Found Objects

762 St. Clair Ave. W 
Toronto, ON 

M6C 1B5


call forwarded to my cell





12 to 5 !

New Longer HOURS

Monday 12 to 5 pm

Tuesday to Saturday 11 to 6 pm

Sunday 11 to 5 pm

COVID protocols

At this point with mandates lessening, we recommend masks although they are not mandatory... we still have hand sanitizer at the door!


DM and purchase by autodeposit  ETRANSFER  until 8pm

7 days a week!

I post on Instagram and Facebook cute pieces everyday and if you can walk by peruse the packed window displays and let me know if anything is of interest or ,you need more info!

My Instagram / Facebook feeds I treat as my CATALOGUE

as everything is 'one off' , when sold, never to be seen again...

Scroll through even older posts as pieces might still be available !

NEW PROMO see Home Page!

MANY THANKS for your support,


Donnetta Galloway (owner)

Review posted on GOOGLE , February 26 / 22 .....

" Gypsy Found Objects is quite literally my favorite shop.

It’s more than a store, it’s an experience.

Meticulously and thoughtfully curated by its owner, Donnetta, this place has it all, and is a complete indulgence and treat for the senses.

From its online presence on Instagram, to its beautifully designed, always changing storefront window, to the treasures you will find once you enter, this shop has such class, such character and personality, and will keep you coming back for more.

I discovered this gem of a store just this past summer, and now I am addicted.

From simple, classic skirts and belts to fun, exciting tops, to elegant, sexy evening dresses, my closet has fallen in love with Gypsy Found Objects.

In fact I have to force myself not to go there, because I know I will keep buying! Donnetta and Olivia both have a fabulous eye, and know the store and its items so well that they will help you piece things together to make the most glorious outfits.

Shopping here is like discovering treasure after treasure.

I always leave with such excitement, knowing I have found things I would never have found elsewhere.

If you are looking for unique, quality finds, this is the place. And the more open you are to the experience, letting go and giving in to your indulgences, the more fun you will have and will understand what a special place this is.

But be warned, you will go in for “just one thing” and leave with many!

Enjoy!! "


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