Welcome to Gypsy & Caravan.

During Covid-19 we are now offering







All E-transfer & InStore Sales!

We are now reopened Tuesday to Sunday 12-5pm with safety measures in place.

Still Curbside Pickup and FREE local delivery.

Check our daily Instagram and Facebook posts for beautiful items for sale as we continue to liquidate our stores in style.

We can ship pretty well anywhere.


Do not hesitate to ask for details on ANY item as we understand and we want happy customers.

Tickle trunks & troves...


Gypsy Found Objects is a vintage store located in Toronto's bourgeoning neighbourhood of St. Clair Avenue West.

Lovingly hand-picked collections represent the flip sides of the "Found Objects" coin, and the idea that fashion, whether new or used, designer or re-purposed, is daily, capricious creation. 


Owner Donnetta Galloway (designer/hunter/career collector) brings over 30 years of retail and styling experience to the shops' selections and focuses on pieces that are transformable to each individual taste and mood: within the mix of shiny objects and enduring basics is inspiration for all.


Gypsy is a treasury of men's and women's eclectic fashions and fripperies and invites you to lose yourself amongst its bounty and romantic opulence. Lush collections of belts, bags, shoes, scarves, and hats wind enticingly throughout the bazaar and bedeck the medley of clothing. Upstairs and down decorated with pluckable home furnishings, décor, giftwares, antique silver, china, linen, and collectibles of all ilk and era.


Gypsy is a full-service boutique offering styling help and complimentary wrapping for all your found goodies!

****** Since we are closing, we are no longer doing holds/layaways/gift receipts but still offer Gift Certificates.******


Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates, new pics, and special finds that have been stored and can finally be surfaced...at 60 % OFF until it is gone!


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